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01-02-22 am Christ And The Church RH

01-02-22 pm Can We Trust The New Testament JT

01-09-22 am Am I Pursuing Holiness JT

01-09-22 pm  Vessels RH

01-16-22 am Sounding Forth The Word Of The Lord JT

01-16-22 pm Moses Who Me, Lord RH

01-23-22 am Loving The Cross RH

01-23-22 pm 01-23-22 pm Clash Between Cultures JT

01-30-22 am The Death Of Jesus JT

02-06-22 am The Local Church And I RH

02-06-22 pm The Lost Gospels JT

02-20-22 am Not Ashamed Of The Christ RH

02-20-22 pm Christians and Alcohol

02-27-22 am You Must Be Born Again JT

02-27-22 pm Every Spiritual Blessing RH

03-06-22 am How Can You Help This Church RH

03-06-22 pm Who Wrote The Gospels JT

03-13-22 am Devoted To The Lord JT

03-13-22 pm Enlightened Eyes RH

03-20-22 am Why Be A Christian RH

03-20-22 pm Pornography JT

03-27-22 am Looking Ahead JT

03-27-22 pm Armor Of God RH

04-03-22 am The Truth RH

04-03-22 pm Living A Life That Pleases God JT

04-10-22 am You Are Doing Just As Your Fathers Did JT

04-10-22 pm What Can We Know About Jesus JT

04-17-22 amAfter The Resurrection JT

04-17-22 pm Glorifying God JT

04-24-22 am Condemnation For Those Who Are In Christ JT

04-24-22 pm How To Be Different JT

05-01-22 am Worship Glory In Gods Holy Name RH

05-01-22 pm Gods Controversy With His People JT

05-08-22 am My Heart Stands In Awe Of Your Words JT

05-08-22 pm The Revelation Of Gods Wrath RH

05-15-22 am O Worship The King JT

05-22-22 am The Power To See It Through RH

05-22-22 pm Whe There Is A Clash Between Cultures JT

05-29-22 am Apart From Gods Power RH

05-29-22 pm So That You May Know JT

06-05-22 am Young People Be An Example RH

06-05-22 pm Tell Me About The Church JT

06-12-22 am The Christians Role In A Godless Society JT

06-12-22 pm Walking In The Truth JT

06-26-22 am Three Essential Characteristics Of Deacons JT

06-26-22 pm The Faithfulness Of Jesus RH

07-03-22 am Elders Watching With Joy RH

07-03-22 pm Thinking About Discipleship JT

07-10-22 pm Thinking About Obedience JT

07-17-22 am Thinking About Spiritual Growth JT

07-17-22 pm Is Christ Divided RH

07-24-22 am Gods Power RH

07-24-22 pm Being A Christian Is Not Easy Robert H

07-31-22 am How To Live Right Before God JT

08-07-22 amBy His Stripes RH

08-07-22 pm Stand Tall And Strong Through Prayer RH

08-14-22 am Thinking About Our Assemblies JT

08-14-22 pm Thinking About Bible Translations JT

08-21-22 am Because You Are Young RH

08-21-22 pm Hebrews 11 RH

08-28-22 am Living For Christ In A World Of ISMS JT

08-28-22 pm Remembering Miriam JT

09-04-22 am We Are Gods House JT

09-04-22 pm The Book Of Numbers RH

09-11-22 am Grace To Help Us RH

09-11-22 pm To God Be The Glory JT

09-18-22 am Running The Race RH

09-18-22 pm Jesus The Savior JT

09-25-22 am Superficial Or Super Faithful JT

09-25-22 pm Questions And Answers JT

10-02-22 am Gods Judgement RH

10-02-22 pm Blessed Are The Peacemakers JT

10-09-22 am Thinking About Salvation JT

10-09-22 pm Three Reminders For Troubled Times JT

10-23-22 am Leprosy, Snakebites, And Sin JT

10-23-22 pm We Are Priest JT

11-06-22 AM What Shall We Do JT

11-06-22 PMA Sin Often Overlooked RHark

11-13-22 AM Parenting In The 2020s JT

11-13-22 PMProblems RH

11-20-22 AM In Christ Alone My Hope Is Found RH

11-20-22 PM Living A Godly Life JT

11-27-22 AM The Suffering Servent JT

11-27-22 PM The Path Of Life RH

12-03-22 AM What Is Your Reputation JT

12-10-22 PM Three Crucifixions RH

12-11-22 AM Living As Lights In The World JT

12-11-22 PM Conversion And Non Conversion RH

12-18-22 AM Worship That God Hates JT

12-18-22 PM Persisting In Sin JT

12-25-22 AM Wings Like Eagles RH

12-25-22 PM Yesterday Today and Forever RH


10-16-22 AM1 Why Do You Believe SJ

10-16-22 AM2 One Thing You Lack SJ

10-16-22 PM Revisiting The Thief SJ

10-17-22 Rahabs Faith SJ

10-18-22 The Rich Man And Lazarus SJ

10-19-22 Aquila And Priscilla SJ

10-20-22 The Power Of Jesus SJ


VBS 2022 Paul White

06-19-22 am (1) What A Friend We Have In Jesus PW

06-19-22 am (2) More Than Conquerors PW

06-19-22 pm The Power Of Encouragement PW

06-20-22 Living As Disciples PW

06-21-22 Like A Little Child PW

06-22-22 Strong And Courageous PW


2022 Summer Series

06-08-22 Gospel And The Church Jeff O’Rear

06-15-22 Forgivness In The Family T. Wise

06-29-22 Out Of Many, One D. Nelson

07-06-22 What Jesus Said About The Church HH

07-13-22 What Kind Of Church Are You Looking For DA

07-20-22 The Organization Of The Church Leon Goff

07-27-22 Fellowship With Those Who Are Different AP



02-13-22 am(1) Finding Common Ground DT

02-13-22 am(2) Defense Wins Championships DT

02-13-22 pm Prayer

02-14-22 pm One In A Million

02-15-22 pm Galilee Or Jerusalem

02-16-22 pm I Am His And He Is Mine

02-17-22 pm Sing To Me Of Heaven