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01-03-21 am Using Our Gifts To The Glory Of God RH

01-03-21 pm We Are Members Of The Body RH

01-10-21 am Lessons From The First Chapter Of The Bible JT

01-17-21 am David And Goliath RH

01-17-21 pm Thinking About Discipleship JT

01-24-21 am The King Is On His Throne

01-24-21 pm Parable of the Shrewd Steward RH

01-31-21 am 1st Thessalonians RH

02-07-21 am Humbly Exercising Gods Gifts JT

02-07-21 pm Epistles Of Christ RH


Meeting With Kris Emerson

02-28-21 am 1  You and Jesus KE

02-28-21 am 2 You and Jesus 2 KE

02-28-21 pm Marriage The Mirror and The Triangle KE

03-01-21 pm Marriage The Stratgy and The Secret KE

03-02-21 pm Marriage The Myth and The Passage KE

03-03-21 pm Parents And Their Gifts KE

03-04-21 pm I Am Discouraged KE


03-07-21 am Good Stewards Of Gods Gifts JT

03-07-21 pm The New Life In Christ JT

03-14-21 am Living A Holy Lifestyle JT

03-14-21 pm Ignoring Gods Wisdom JT

03-21-21 am The Spirit And The Word JT

03-21-21 pm When Truth Is Rejected JT

03-28-21 am Thinking About Repentance JT

03-28-21 pm We Are Priests JT

04-04-21 am He Is Risen JT

04-04-21 pm Using Gifts To Glorify God – Service

04-11-21 am Set Your Mind On Things Above JT

04-11-21 pm The Christians Response To Transgenderism JT

04-18-21 am Give Me The Bible JT

04-18-21 pm Prescription Drug Abuse JT

04-25-21 am Train Up A Child In The Way He Should Go JT

05-02-21 am Using Gifts To Glorify God Teaching JT

05-02-21 pm Remaining Faithful JT

05-09-21 am There Is None Like You JT

05-16-21 pm Everyday Christianity JT

05-16-21 pm Self Control JT

05-23-21 am What Is Your Response To Jesus JT

05-23-21 pm Have Confidence When He Appears JT

05-30-21 am There Is None Greater JT

06-06-21 am Using Gifts To Glorify God Exhortation JT

06-06-21 pm By The Grace Of God RH

06-13-21 am What Did Jesus Teach About Hell JT

06-13-21 pm Looking For Leaders RH

06-20-21 am 1 06-20-21 am 1 Live And Learn Chuck Durham

06-20-21 am 2 Knowing Fear Chuck Durham

06-27-21 am Bible Virtues Humility JT

06-27-21 pm The Peace Of God RH

07-04-21 am Using gifts To Glorify God Giving JT

07-04-21 pm The Real Jesus RH

07-11-21 am Gods Holiness And Our Conduct Towards Others JT

07-11-21 pm The Works Of The Flesh FORNICATION RH

07-18-21 am How Bad Is Sin JT

07-18-21 pm The Church Of The Living God RH

07-25-21 am Knowing God JT

07-25-21 pm Faith In Baptism Is Faith In Christ RH

08-01-21 pm The Key To Christian Conduct JT

08-08-21 am Hear These Words JT

08-08-21 pm The First Rebellion RH

08-15-21 am 3 Instructions For Strength JT

08-15-21 pm The Holy Spirit RH

08-22-21 am Looking Forward To Assembling Together In The Local Church RH

08-22-21 pm The Work Of Deacons JT

08-29-21 am Blessed Assurance JT

09-05-21 am Patience RH

09-12-21 am Living For The Future RH

09-19-21 am Showing Mercy JT

09-26-21 am The Light Of The World RH

09-26-21 pm What Defiles A Person JT

10-03-21 am Dull Of Hearing JT

10-03-21 pm Conversion Of The Ethiopian Eunuch RH

10-10-21 am The Word Of The Cross RH

10-10-21 pm Make Every Effort JT



10-17-21 am (1) An Indestructible Kingdom

10-17-21 am (2) New Life In Christ

10-17-21 pm Christ Our Refuge

10-18-21 pm Lord To Whom Shall We Go

10-19-21 pm Loving And Praticing Lies

10-20-21 pm If Anyone Sins

10-21-21 pm Are You Ready


10-24-21 am Am I Ready To Be Baptized JT

10-24 -21 pm The Nature Of Christ RH

10-31-21 am Four Important Points About The Church JT

11-07-21 am Gifts, Grace and Glory JT

11-07-21 pm 11-07-21 pm Heaven Our Real Home RH

11-14-21 am 11-14-21 am Serving Other gods RH

11-14-21 pm 11-14-21 pm Surviving Our Sex Obsessed Society JT

11-21-21 am 11-21-21 am Aquiring Faith To Die RH

11-21-21 pm 11-21-21 pm 3 Lessons About Prayer JT

11-28-21 am11-28-21 am The Body Of Christ Shane Millard

11-28-21 pm 11-28-21 pm The What And How Of Conversion Jeff Asher

12-12-21 pm 12-12-21 pm God Is Able JT

12-19-21 am The Gospel According To Gabriel JT

12-19-21 pm 12-19-21 pm Come Before Winter RH

12-26-21 am  Do I Really Love God Phillip Strong

12-26-21 pm How To Stay Awake In 2022




06-09-21 Forgiveness Harold Hancock

06-16-21 The Sermon On The Mount Devon Harbor

06-30-21 He Can Help Us see Clearly T. Ganchero

07-08-21 The Need Of Forgivness I. Lynn

07-14-21  The Cost Of Following Jesus Nathan Cox

07-21-21 We Need God J. O’Rear

07-28-21 The Wedding Feast A. Pogue

08-04-21 Jesus And Politics D. Nelson

08-11-21 Yes, Jesus Cares L. McClenny

08-19-21 Use Your Talents M. Coffin


VBS 2021

06-20-21 Back To The Word C. Durham

06-21-21 Wounded And Weary C. Durham

06-22-21 Dont Be Fooled C. Durham

06-23-21 How To Be An Encourager C. Durham