Ladies Bible Class Schedule

Ladies Class 2016-2017


Ladies Bible Class

Date Lesson Title Presenter/s Hostess/ess
September 25 Lesson 1 The Mind Matters Barbara Boles Barbara / Darlene
October 23 Lesson 2 Knowing Our Enemy Paula Beasley Angela Whitaker
November 27 Lesson 3 Decisions about God   Marilyn Harshbarger
January 22, 2018 Lesson 4 War Strategies   Lindsey Taylor/ Jill Goad
February 25 Lesson 5 Equipped With Trugh Derinda Sloan Wilda Harrison
March 26 Lesson 6 Protcted by Righteousness Lindsey Taylor Mary Lousie Jobe
April 23 Lesson 7 Preparted with Peace Carol Odom Cyndi Asher
May 21* Lesson 8 Shielded by Faith Angela Whitaker Ginger Opperman



Meet at 7 pm at home of first hostess listed on each date.