Ladies Bible Class Schedule

Ladies Class 2016-2017


Ladies Bible Class

Date Lesson Title Presenter/s Hostess/ess
Sep 24 Lesson 8 Ahielded by Faith    
Oct 22 Lesson 9 Secured by Salvation 1 Angela Whitaker  
Nov 26 Lesson 10 Secured by Salvation 2    
Jan 28 Lesson 11 Weilding the spirit's Sword    
Feb 25 Lesson 12 Fikghting With Love    
Mar 25 Lesson 13 Fighting The Good Fight    
April 29 Lesson 14 Enlisting Others For The Battle    
May 20 Lesson 15 Keeping Our Eyes On God Barbara Bolls  



Meet at 7 pm at home of first hostess listed on each date.