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01-03-21 am Using Our Gifts To The Glory Of God RH

01-03-21 pm We Are Members Of The Body RH

01-10-21 am Lessons From The First Chapter Of The Bible JT

01-17-21 am David And Goliath RH

01-17-21 pm Thinking About Discipleship JT


01-24-21 am The King Is On His Throne

01-24-21 pm Parable of the Shrewd Steward RH

01-31-21 am 1st Thessalonians RH

02-07-21 am Humbly Exercising Gods Gifts JT

02-07-21 pm Epistles Of Christ RH

Meeting With Kris Emerson

02-28-21 am 1  You and Jesus KE

02-28-21 am 2 You and Jesus 2 KE

02-28-21 pm Marriage The Mirror and The Triangle KE

03-01-21 pm Marriage The Stratgy and The Secret KE

03-02-21 pm Marriage The Myth and The Passage KE

03-03-21 pm Parents And Their Gifts KE

03-04-21 pm I Am Discouraged KE

End Of Meeting

03-07-21 am Good Stewards Of Gods Gifts JT

03-07-21 pm The New Life In Christ JT

03-14-21 am Living A Holy Lifestyle JT

03-14-21 pm Ignoring Gods Wisdom JT

03-21-21 am The Spirit And The Word JT

03-21-21 pm When Truth Is Rejected JT

03-28-21 am Thinking About Repentance JT

03-28-21 pm We Are Priests JT

04-04-21 am He Is Risen JT

04-04-21 pm Using Gifts To Glorify God – Service

04-11-21 am Set Your Mind On Things Above JT

04-11-21 pm The Christians Response To Transgenderism JT

04-18-21 am Give Me The Bible JT

04-18-21 pm Prescription Drug Abuse JT