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01-01-23 AM Amazing Grace JT

01-01-23 PM Why We Must Pay Closer Attention JT

01-08-23 AM Thinking About The Lords Supper JT

01-08-23 PM Make Disciples JT

01-15-23 AM Thinking About The Collection JT

01-15-23 PM Blessed Assurance JT

01-23-23 AM Why Do We Have Sermons JT

01-23-23 PM WHY JT

02-05-23 AM Gods Eternal Purpose RH

02-05-23 PM Listing To Jesus JT

02-12-23 AM The Value Of Gospel Meetings JT

02-12-23 PM Mindful Praying RH

02-26-23 AM Isaiahs Worship Experience RH

02-26-23 PM Lord And Christ JT

03-05-23 AM The Schoolmaster JT

03-05-23 PM Suffering RH

03-12-23 AM The Beautiful Woman RH

03-12-23 PM According To The Pattern JT

03-19-23 AM Be Holy JT

03-19-23 PM The Making Of A Shepard RH

03-26-23 AM

03-26-23 PM

04-02-23 AM Foundations The Church JT

04-02-23 PM Gender Roles In The Church JT

04-09-23 AM AM The Way The Truth And The Life RH

04-09-23 PM Zaccheus Three Big Lessons JT

04-16-23 AM Shepherding The Flock Of God JT

04-16-23 PM Where Are You RH

04-23-23 AM No Other Gospel RH

04-23-23 PM The King Is On His Throne JT

04-30-23 AM Foundations RH

05-07-23 AM What Must I Do To Be Saved JT

05-07-23 PM Four Characteristics Of The Faithful JT

05-14-23 AM Worthless Grapes JT

05-14-23 PM Let The Word Dwell In You Richly JT

05-21-23 AM What Difference Does Religion Make In Our World RH

05-21-23 PM Daily Christianity JT

05-28-23 AM

05-28-23 PM






02-19-23 AM 1 The Primal Ache Of Father Hunger LK

02-19-23 AM 2 Arrows Towards The Target LK

02-19-23 AM 3 Hannah Motherhood Is Sacrifice LK

02-20-23 4  Heavens Approval Stronger Than Earths Applause

02-21-23 5 Hope Must Be Stronger Than Cynicism

02-22-23 6 Meaningfulness Stronger Than Expediency