Report From Francesco Fosci 6/23/11

Hello Randy, thank you for your service in letting me know about my economical situation there. That’s all Ok. We finished the works in home now and everything changed in it. It needed of that restoration. Today I am leaving to Sicily with Rita for public meeting in Corleone. After lunch we go to Naples with car and from there we will take the boat to Palermo. We will arrive tomorrow morning and then we go with the car to Corleone. Probably some brethren from Syracuse Church would come. Someone of them told me that. We will see. The other day (Monday morning (June 20) I was invited to take an interview on a TV here speaking about the Church of Christ and about  Jesus Gospel. That was a very good  and great public opportunity  to let many people know about something of Gospel. The interview was 32 minutes long. Very good. Vittorio greet you, he asked me about you some days ago. Francesco Guadagno is in hospital, he is very sick. He has a cancer and all of us are very sad, but we also have the spiritual joy that he is a Christian, a good man of good will. God loves men who have the real good will.

Thank you for all. Greet and love to all, from me, Rita, Luana, Gabriele and all brethren of Latina.

Ciao, Francesco.