Thursday, March 5th,

It is Thursday, March 5th.

Elias picked Marilyn and me from the Nexus at 10:00am.  We headed out for Nazaret, Oromia Zone, 100k SE of Addis.  We traversed the crowded streets of Addis, stopping at the Piazza Bible shop, where we bought three cases of Bibles to distribute in the Nazaret area. We then went to the Lebu area of Addis (SE), to pick up Tesfaye Abate; he will help translate for the next four days.  Tesfaye is among the most studious and capable of all preaches here in Ethiopia.  He has a lovely wife, Alyech, and two sons. He is diligent in translating materials into the Amharic language.  And it seems that he is having some growth in the small house church that meets in his home.  His father, Abate, lives in Awassa; Abate had a longtime connection to Fay and Dartha Starr, pioneers in the gospel here in Ethiopia.
For the first time, I/we were able to travel on the newly opened Bypass that now runs from Addis to Nazaret and points between.  What a difference this makes. It has taken as long as three hours to get from Addis to Nazaret. This trip was under an hour!  Price? 2.50USD. A bargain.  We took rooms at the Safari Lodge, an old but adequate hotel. The food here is good.  I have a fan with me; it helps stir the air and keeps the bugs off.  I am here so often that I stopped taking my malaria meds a few years ago. But this time I forget Marilyn’s meds. I keep checking her for fever!

After resting for a few minutes we went south of town to the home of Maru; the church meets in his house. We had Bible classes for the fifteen or so who had come to study. Marilyn (here and elsewhere) taught women and children; I taught the men. I have lessons on the church, Christ on David’s throne, heaven, the difference between the covenants, and the need to recognize false teaching.  It is always nice to be with Maru and this small, but growing congregation. I am hopeful their small beginning bodes well for the church in Nazaret, especially given its checkered history.
After resting some we all met for dinner. Elias and I typically share shero and the “fixins.”  That might be black cabbage, meso, carrots, and hot peppers. A cup of coffee mixed with tea topped off a long, but safe and good day.