Sunday, March 8th

At the end of the day we headed north toward Debre Zeit (Bishoftu in Oromia). We took Abebe home.  Then on Sunday (March 8th) we worshipped with the congregation that meets in Abebe’s house.  He is working hard to make a firm stand here in DZ.  He is also trying to build a house for his family, with room for the church to meet in.  In fact, his landlord has kicked him out of his living quarters; she said she did not want a church meeting in her home. Sadly this is typical for our brethren here in Ethiopia. They have to move to new quarters; this often precipitated by the demand for housing, especially in these larger cities.

After worship was over we made our way back to Addis.  We dropped Tesfaye near his house (he has to move this week); then Elias dropped Marilyn and me back at the Nexus. We enjoyed a nice supper and visit with Adise, gospel preacher in Megenagua (Addis).  Adise is extremely bright, personable, and helpful. He makes part of his living by teaching college.  Sadly for us, he was too busy with school work to be able to travel with us this time, as he did last October. We bid him goodbye and then hunkered down for a good night’s rest. We are thankful for safe travel and for the opportunity to do a little bit in this great gospel work.