Saturday March 7th

Saturday March 7th. Today we checked out of the Safari Lodge and made our way west of Nazaret to Wonji Shoa. We first picked up Abebe Kalsidow, preacher at Debre Zeit; we needed two translators for these sessions; he came at my request.  Wonji is the area of government owned sugarcane fields. Sugar is Ethiopia’s second largest export next to coffee. The people here are the poorest of the poor.  I have visited this area probably more than any other over the past fourteen years.  The congregation has been steady from the beginning. Lamboro is the gifted preacher; Tesfaye (another Tesfaye) helps in the work, too.  Lamboro’s wife is sister to Teshale Elias’ wife.  And she is a good cook.  It was a good day as always when we visit Wonji. Too, we were able to visit some with Asnake, preacher at Wonji Gerfesa.