September 14, 2014 – Ethiopia

As you read these lines, we will have been in Ethiopia for 7 days. Today, the Lord’s Day, has been spent in worship and association with people scattered throughout the Ethiopian Highlands, the Hidya region, the principal city being Hosanna. Before we got to Hosanna this past Thursday afternoon, we spent 3 days in Nazaret, a city of nearly 1 million. Nazaret is located 100k southeast of Addis and is on the main road leading from the “dry port” in Mojo into Addis. The trip of 100k or 60 miles took nearly 3 hours — typical for this area of Ethiopia. In the Nazaret area there are several churches. We have visited Maru and his family; they have worked hard to establish a stable group, meeting regularly for worship and Bble study in their home, There are several churches located in the sugar cane fields just west of Nazret. These people are the poorest of the poor — peasants. Yet, their faith is strong. When they take off work to come to study, they miss a day’s wages! There are several strong preachers in this area. Meanwhile, back in Hosanna, we have enjoyed (the Lord’s Day is nearly over as you read this) being with Christians in Ancha, Bushiluga, and Hosanna. Marilyn and Rebecca are doing well as expected. Continue to pray for our safe travel and for successful work in there kingdom. Ciao, rh