November 25, 2013 from Wubishet

Dear Randy

I pray that you may enjoy good health; everything may go well with you. When you text me a message I was at Dera teaching the church. Dera through Nazareth /127km far from Addis. I invited long ago by Dera local church / bro. Akililu. Therefore, I was there from Friday morning to Saturday, then back to Addis at evening Saturday. First I met bro. Maru at Nazareth gave him the booklets some few copies. Also gave for Aklilu.
Randy, I would like you to see the complete booklet by different cover colors, and the Kara brethren /photo/ you know them well, we baptized three women last week too. Kara church has a privilege having you all the time and the benefited congregations in Ethiopia. Bless.     See the attached.