November 23, 2013 – Addis

     Well, my time in ethiopia is winding down for this my 20th trip to this wonderful country.   I will soon be home with family and friends; that will be a good thing.  the Christians here always ask about you; they pray for you; you, pray for them.  Several have been baptized recently.  Notable among the hard workers are Zerihun at Kotobe and Sedeka at Sefera and Wibishet at Kore; these men are working to reach out to others.  some other Americans have been here recently; this is nice for me to hear my own language spoken (well, they don’t speak Texas! but it is close!).
Without a long explanation, I recently had a long conversation with three Orthodox priests here in Addis.  This was interesting and enlightening, at least to me.  They were congenial in every way.  Did I accomplish much for them?  I doubt it; still, I consider it a part of my on-going “continuous education program” while here in Ethiopia.
Again, let me thank all who are specifically helping in the support of this work.  And especially thanks to all who are helping some of these outstanding faithful men with some support.  They are thankful for what they do receive; they are working hard.
I will communicate later, after I have reached Texas and have eaten at the Cracker Barrel!
Ciao, Randy HarshbargerNovember 17,20133 – Bulletin Information