November 4, 2013 – Addis Abba

A few words from Addis Ababa.  The weather is really nice right now.  The Ethiopians all think it is hot; with temps in the low 70s it is great for me.
I continue to stay busy with private meetings and studies with preachers here in Addis.  I am meeting this week with Doyomo Donko, known to many of you already.  Doyomo and his lovely wife Almaz continue to do great work in the Kore congregation, located in the SW side of Addis.  Akelu, a younger man, works with Doyomo; Akelu is being supported by some of you who are reading this.  Doyomo, again, as mentioned before, was crippled in an accident nearly 25 years ago; still he presses on, doing what many others still will not do.  He preaches often in the Awassa/Sidamo region-his home region.  While visiting with Doyomo is wonderful, an added plus is that Almaz is a wonderful coo.  Ooooh the shero and tibs!
I visit with Tesfaye Abate on Wednesday.  Tesfaye has completed translating Robert Harkrider’s Basic Bible Doctrines 1 and 2.  We hope to get this in print soon.  Tesfaye has established a house church located on the SE side of Addis.  His wife Alyaech is a school teacher.  Tesfaye is as talented as any preacher here in Ethiopia.  He is savvy too, about the Internet and books published by brethren in the USA, etc.  Have any of you heard from him?
I will visit on Thursday with Zerihun, preacher at Kotobe, located on NE side of Addis.  Zerihun is at the top of the list of all preachers here, at least in my estimation.  He and his wife Martha are working hard to raise their three precious children in the ways of the Lord–something that is not any easier in Ethiopia than anywhere else.  I have traveled with Zerihun already on this trip.
Later on Thursday I will visit with Wubishet, preacher at Kara, located on the extreme NE side of Addis.  Wubishet is working on getting some tracts published; money for this came from some folks in Texas.  He and his wife Barcot have three lovely boys; all are well behaved and work hard in school.  The Kara congregation consistently has good attendance with new converts on a regular basis.
I hope my time with these men will help them; they surely help me.
That is all for now.  Continue to pray for these people-real people-just like you and me.
Ciao, Randy Harshbarger