November 2, 2013 – Addis Abba

Dear SD Members:  All ok here in Addis.  Temperatures each day hover around 70F, but cooler at night.  The brethren are all working hard in their respective congregations.  I moved out of the house I was in for this past year (the rent was up); I am now in a nice guest house.  It is brand new, owned and operated by Ethiopians, who are a part of what is called the Diaspora–Ethiopians who escaped the poverty of this third world country, but who are now returning to Addis in order to make investments.  Some will stay in Addis but most return to the USA.  These folks are real nice; and they drastically reduced the price as they are just opening.  That will probably change.

I think I mentioned that my favorite taxi driver, Tsegaye, has almost lost his taxi to bad repairmen.  I helped him a little with repairs, but I think the whole thing is lost.  That means I have had to scramble to find others rides; so far I have been able to travel safely even in blue taxis.  It helps to just act like you know what you are doing even if you don’t.   And I know enough of the language to understand the cost BEFORE you get into the taxi!

Ken Marrs is soon to arrive.  We will work together in the countryside for a few days.

To those who know Elias, I attended his wedding ceremony this morning, 6AM!  Quite interesting in the Orthodox tradition.  Lots of incense, drums, and what I would call chanting.  Someone tried to get me to kiss a Bible but I declined!  Both he and his bride looked great!  I will visit in their home this next Monday.

Time to go.  Love to all.  Randy