October 27, 2013 – Addis Abba

Dear SD Members: My first week in Ethiopia is drawing to a close. I have rested some and have been able to walk each day; this helps my health, etc.  I have spent time with several Ethiopian preachers– Zerihun, Doyomo, Tesfaye and others.  I am in the midst of planning my work — some for Addis and some for the countryside.  I am receiving calls almost all the time as most now know that I am here.  My time will be interesting and profitable–at least for me and I trust for all who are here in Ethiopia who are serving the same Lord you serve.  All ask about the Americans who have visited here.  This time I will teach three different sessions at Kotobe for the Addis preachers, rather than just twice.  By request they want to study Ezekiel; I am studying each day to get ready to teach.
     The weather, by contrast with July and August, is great!  It is somewhat hot but not too much; it has rained only once.  In fact, some have said that the temperatures are unseasonably cooler.  There is lots of contruction in Addis; this makes travel difficult.  One small problem is that my trusted taxi driver is having car trouble.  I am now taking local taxis — not problem but it is not the same as having someone you know you can trust.  I hope his car will be out of the shop soon.  I know you are basking in the spiritual glow of God’s word as you have finished your gospel meeting with Brother Ward.  Continue to pray for the work here and all around the world.  Love to all, Randy