October 31, 2013 Oromio

Another brief report from Ethiopia.
This week has been spent 8 hours west of Addis in the  Oromio region, the largest of all regions in Ethiopia, in Nekempt town, a city of 250,000.  This was my 3rd trip to this area.  As I have written before, I decided to try to give some extra help to the new churches, Christians, and preachers who are working hard in this area to spread the gospel.  Other areas south of Addis, Hidya and Kambatta, are areas that have received much attention from American visitors.  So, I wanted to do what I could to help in this new area.  There are 5 preachers working hard in this area; they are being supported by some of you who are reading this report.  Thanks!
I traveled with Zerihun, Addis preacher, and Bedassa, Birayu preacher, but who is from Oromio.  The trek was made easier as most of the roads are now finally paved.  I stayed in the new IJOO International Hotel; at 25USD night, it was a bargain and the shero and tibs and enjera was good, too.  We rented a large room in the hotel for the some 50 attendees; a mixed group, but mostly preachers and other men.
Because these are new Christians and new congregations, I taught lessons out of Brother Ferrell Jenkin’s The Early Church.  Zerihun taught lessons of a fundamental nature.  For example, since many of these people are leaving the Lutheran church, they studied about infant baptism; all of this was very basic, but we hope was helpful.  The Early Church has been translated in Amharic; we took 60 copies to distribute.  There were some heated exchanges, lots of good questions, and it was a good time for all.  I am hopeful that other Americans who come can have the time to visit this area and help in the teaching that needs to be done.
This is all for now.  This is the time for coffee harvesting in Ethiopia.  The Sidamo coffees and the Yirga Chefe coffees are coming in Addis.  It is a great time to be alive in Ethiopia.
But it is a great time to be alive in the kingdom, too!
To the so many who make this work possible, thanks!
Randy Harshbarger