October 24, 2013 – Addis Abba

For some reason my computer will not turn on.  So, I am reduced to sending only a few words about the work here in Ethiopia.  I am back for my 7-8 months of work for this year.  The weather is nice–actually cooler than I remember October being.  I am staying in a new guest house–the price is cheaper than any other places I have stayed in.  This is nice for me.  I have taught at the Kotobe congregation and will have other sessions there as the time proceeds.  Trips out of Addis–to Oromio and Sodo regions are planned.  Ken Marrs will soon join me for a week of work; he has some specific areas he will work in.  It is always nice to be with Ken, a good friend, and certainly one who is appreciated here in Ethiopia.
I have preached twice at the Kotobe congregation.  They are making steady progress, adding new members all the time.  Alemu and Zerihun especially are great workers and great friends.  I will circulate among other churches as the month unfolds.
Abebe Kalsidow recently baptized 2 at Debre Zeit.  He is working hard to establish a solid congregation in DZ–an area known for its resorts and volcanic lakes.  I will visit there soon.  Some of you reading this are making his work possible; he appreciates all the help received; he is making good progress.
All for now.  Pray for the work here in Ethiopia.  Ciao, Randy Harshbarger